1st Semester

Success and Leaders- Maximizing Given Resources & Management of Yourself

CEOSchool1st Semester

Chapter 1: Business and Leadership – It is Our Mission

Business is an area of ministry for the layperson. We are ambassadors and stewards of Christ, sent by God, to lead people to Christ in our workplaces. Through our work as professionals, we are to evangelize and disciple to change the world for Jesus. Another aspect of ministering through our work is to financially support ministries. We discover our potential as Christ’s ambassadors in the workplace, by studying about William Wilberforce who lived out God’s heart.

Chapter 2: Leadership and Management of Spirituality

In order for God to fully use us, all leaders should manage the biggest and the most valuable blessing that God gave, which is Himself, the Holy Spirit. God is our best and most faithful resource. We will be able to enjoy His blessings when we understand how to grow in an intimate relationship with our Father God by faith in Jesus and power of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 3: Father’s Heart; the Attitude of Heart a Leader Wants to Have

A leader’s potential is fully utilized when he or she knows the heart of Father and lives that out. We can experience the power of God in our lives when we examine and adjust our thoughts toward Him. Leaders in business, just as in ministry, should set regular time for refreshing in his / her relationship with God.

Chapter 4: Spiritual Warfare

God gave us authority in Jesus Christ to engage in spiritual warfare, to overcome and to experience victory. By understanding what God teaches us about the enemy through His word, we can exercise our faith by praying specific things in the name of Jesus – and to experience breakthrough and blessings.

Chapter 5: Discipline of Intellect, emotion, and Will in Leadership

We want to grow in the discipline of fixing our thoughts on God’s promises in the Bible, and on things from above, not on earthly things. We can then grow as leaders who win the world to Jesus, as we win the battle of our minds and seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

Chapter 6: Time Management and Healthcare of a Leader

Our God-given life on earth is limited. Like a long distance runner who trains with perseverance, we should also wisely manage our time and health for the long run.

Chapter 7: Financial Stewardship of a Leader

Secular people believe that they work hard for the money that they earn. But in Christ, we know that it is the Lord who graciously provides both the job and the finances. God calls us not only to glorify Him in our work, but also to have wise financial stewardship with the resources He trusts to us so that we can become His faithful stewards. The Lord searches for this type of faithful steward as the Last Day is approaching.

Chapter 8: Listening to God and Having Interrelationship with Him

If we make decisions in our work or for our business, without listening and obeying God, then we are just like a secular professional. Jesus desires for intimate relationship with us daily, including the time we are at work, or concerning our business. As we eagerly desire to obey Him in our professional lives, our relationship and joy deepens.

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