2nd Semester

Relationship and Leadership (All leadership starts with one-to-one relationships)


Chapter 1: Communication of a Leader

A leader communicates effectively. We will study how a leader can become influential by building genuine and trustworthy relationship with the people that God allow in his / her life.

Chapter 2: Leaders and Their One Flesh (Husband or Wife), Partner

A wise leader knows how to be united with a God-given partner, his wife or her husband. God brings the two together to make “one”.  How can a couple allow the Holy Spirit to work in them, and through them to affect their workplaces for His glory? We will discover the secret that will show us how to accomplish the God-given mission of marriage.

Chapter 3: Leadership and Family (Parents and Children)

No leader is built by himself / herself. God uses our parents, and our children to equip and mold us as His testimony and witness.  The Lord guides and gives us certain missions, depending on how we manage this blessing of family. What correlation is there between the success of our family and the success of our business?

Chapter 4: Leader, Mentor, and Mentee

Chapter 5: Leader, Markets, and Blue Ocean

CEOs need to develop their intuition for the marketplace. By understanding and applying the method of market development, they can develop intuitive feelings about changes in the market. How will you survive in a competitive market? And how can we develop a new market without competition? Is there a chance of win-win for everyone? We will look at proven and recent marketing techniques.

Chapter 6: Leadership and Company (Superior, colleagues, employees, and employers)

What kind of leadership do we need in our business and in the organization of company? Whom should we hire? How can employees also find the purpose of their lives through the success of our company? Why did God allow my current boss, colleagues, employees, or employers in my life? We will acquire Biblical teaching of how to succeed as a Christian professional in the midst of our co-workers.

Chapter 7: Leadership and Negotiation

We negotiate everyday of our lives, whether in and outside our workplace. A leader should be an excellent negotiator to encourage God’s will to be accomplished around us. What are the methods of negotiation Jesus demonstrated to us? How can we become masters of negotiation?

Chapter 8: Leadership, Customers, and My Resource, and the Experts

As the world becomes a global village, the potential customer base expands so a global leader knows how to make their customers become a strong hub-customer. In a global village, numerous experts can also arise, so a leader also knows how to utilize these experts, which is essential for success. We will study these secrets.

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