3rd Semester

Servant leadership (CEO should become Chairman, knowing to build a Dream Team)


Chapter 1: Servant Leader

The primary attitude of a leader is to have the heart of Jesus and serve others. The secret of becoming a leader is to be like Jesus who demonstrated true servant leadership by washing His disciples’ feet. We are going to learn what a true servant leader looks like in the workplace. To be God’s kings and priests, we must first be servant leaders.

Chapter 2: Jesus Leadership and Developing Leaders l

The primary attitude of a leader is the heart of service. Why do we consider doing business or living like Jesus such a challenge? As we learn His style of leadership and ask for the Holy Spirit’s help, we can be transformed into business leaders who serves others, and make an eternal difference in the world.

Chapter 3: Jesus Leadership and developing Leaders II

A leader in the company is like a backbone of the company. How can we change the culture of our company by developing servant leaders within the company? How do we select and train potential leaders in the workplace? How can we create a company structure where its leaders function as vessels of Jesus?

Chapter 4: Dream Team and Blue Ocean Execution

A leader survives the financial competition when he / she knows how to minimize the cost and how to maximize the value. As we cultivate new markets with less or no competition through our Dream Teams, we are able to maintain the continuing success of our company. Executing Blue Ocean in our company as God’s kings and priests is the key to leadership and missions. It will show not only the development of an enterprise culture, but also the practical value maximization.

Chapter 5: Leadership and Lean Engineering, Lean Enterprise

A company that survives today’s competition and recurring economy cycles, is called the “Lean Six Sigma Company.” A strong leader knows how to achieve the goal of his / her company and value maximization by becoming a Lean Six Sigma company. A leader needs strong management skills to build a productive company that survives even in slower economic environments.

Chapter 6: 21st Century’s Leadership and Challenge (The Key Leadership) I

What are the requirements for a 21st century leader? Survivors of today’s rapidly changing 21st century business are those who evolve continually. Authentic business leaders develop new leaders around them and then pass down core values. Let’s learn the ways to successfully pass down specific values. Leaders are developed; not born. In this chapter, we will learn how to raise people with diverse personalities into leaders who live for Jesus.

Chapter 7: 21st Century’s Leadership and Challenge (The Key Leadership) II

What are the requirements for a 21st century’s leader? What are the common factors of real Biblical and professional leadership in the 21st Century? How do we make these factors our own leadership characteristics? How will our team achieve God’s plan?

Chapter 8: Leadership and CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Because God wants to grow us as His CEOs, we will experience both failures and successes. Be strong and courageous. And as it says in Proverbs 24:16, that though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again. Be constantly transformed according to God’s will by depending on the power of the Holy Spirit. How exciting is it to fulfill His will in our lives!

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