“…There is a flood of success stories and biographies of famous business owners, but they are much less than needed on the topic on how to successfully manage a company. Attending Daniel Kang’s Christian CEO school will give a fresh perspective on business management and operation. Anyone who attends Christian CEO school will re-evaluate on the reason why he or she started a business and obtain a clear resolution on human relationships and difficulties in managing a business.”
-Jung Kwon, President of United North America KCBMC


“…I believe that CEO School will be beneficial not only for businessmen and women but also for every Christians. First of all you will see the heart and love of God for us and will learn how we can actually apply this teaching in our lives and business. I learned and put into action what I learned from Daniel Kang.
-Sonia Chang (VP of Twinkle Candy, Inc.)


“CEO School by Daniel Kang provides practical Biblical business skills that all leaders of this generation need.”
– Inchel Lee, President of Manhattan, NY KCBMC